Alex Newman om indoktrineringen i skolan: "De talar om för dig vad du tänker."

Länkar till en video där Alex Newman intervjuas om sin nya bok Crimes of the educators.
Finns även som e-bok.
"You would be better of taking your kid to a chair and putting them in a closet than sent him to a government school, because the government school will deliberately down them, down will totally ruin scramble their brain."
"99% of my education beyond just the basic tools how to read, how to write those basic names, came on my own, reading books on the librarys, that's where they hide all the secrets. Schooling as we understand it today has nothing to do with education. Is almost the opposite."
"I've spent most of the last ten years living in Europe, writing about the brutal persecution of homeschoolers in Germany and Sweden and other countries and the law in Germany that banned home education was actually passed under the Nazi regime."